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The Self Propelled
Superior Broom DT-80
Say Hi to your next Road Broom

The Superior Broom Model DT-80 is a next generation self-propelled road broom that has become synonymous with durability and reliability, and of course guaranteeing you a superior sweep.

With best in class design & quality we are confident that your next road broom will be a Superior Broom.

Made in America
Built for Africa

The Superior Broom is manufactured in Wichita Kansas, in the United States of America by SB Manufacturing.

Our close working relationship with SB Manufacturing has enabled us to customize the Superior Broom DT80 Road Sweeper to be specifically modified to suit sub-Saharan sweeping conditions encountered every day by road builders.

Why Choose
Superior Brooms Africa

An established company in the road broom and sweeping industry in South Africa, Superior Brooms Africa has a wealth of knowledge in the road building industry with key personnel having over 35 years of experience in the industry itself.

Our in-depth knowledge of how and why your next road building project could have set backs is integral to our service offering.

Our  Four Key Features

The 4 key features that sets the Superior Broom road sweeper apart from the rest.

Sound Compressed Drivers Cabin

Work sites are noisy places.
With the Superior Broom’s sound compressed cabin we help keep your driver focused on the job at hand.

  • 80 dba noise level.
  • Full 360 degree visibility.
  • Completely sealed for dust prevention.
  • 35,000 btu pressurized air conditioning.

Electronic Brush Controls

Better brush controls means a better sweep and longevity of the machines wearing parts such as the core drive hub as well as consumables such as the poly wafer segments.

Brush core speed control system with out changing the RPM of the engine allows you to change the brush speed to a slower RPM and still maintain torque to the brush motor.

Electronic Joystick control at the operators station which connect 12 volt coil valves in a remote mounted hydraulic manifold.

Remote mounted manifolds offer better response and more accurate controls of the brush functions.

Hydraulic System

The Superior Broom is a fully hydraulic machine, meaning that all power generated by the engine is transmitted via hydraulics.

This ensures better transmission of the power generated by the engine, making the road broom more efficient than a fully mechanical sweeping machine.

Longer life system with load compensated piston pump. The pump is more efficient and only pumps the oil that is needed; this in turn reduces heat and prolongs life of the system

Allows the operator to run the engine at lower RPMs which in turn saves fuel.

Heavy Duty Rear Axle Suspension System

No other broom manufacturing company offers this feature.

With less shock being transmitted to the chassis because of it’s rear axle suspension system, the Superior Broom provides not only a superior ride for drivers but also helps prevent unnecessary stress on the chassis.

  • Smoother ride
  • Less stress on the chassis.
  • Longer differential life.

Interested in a Superior Broom machine?

We truly believe our road brooms are market leading and that they will assist in making your next road building project a success – so why not ask us for  quote on this truly superior sweeping machine.

Our Commitment to you

We at Superior Brooms Africa have committed ourselves to providing innovative hydraulic systems, quality, and excellent customer service by having replacement parts ready for shipping on time all the time.

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